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Count on Us to Repair Your Damaged Doors in North Port, FL

Your windows and doors are an investment. They are components of your home that add to its beauty, appeal, and functionality. If something happens to them, you can always count on Total Comfort Window and Screening Inc. to make things right again. As a full-service window and glass contractor, we are your go-to team to repair your damaged door in North Port, FL. Let our skilled and experienced team restore the look and functionality of your doors so that you can uphold the beauty and value of your property.

Sliding Door Specialist  Venice, FL

Don't let a damaged door ruin your day. Call our door and door screen specialists. We repair and replace a range of screen and glass doors for clients throughout the region. Thanks to our extensive training and knowledge, we can facilitate the right solutions for your property--all while conducting service according to your schedule and budget. Hands down, we make replacing your glass doors a simple and stress-free experience.

Restoring Your Sliding Doors

Is your sliding door sticking or hard to open? Our door experts can get things moving smoothly again. Whether your door is part of a patio enclosure or serves as an entrance and exit, our team has the equipment and materials to make your doors function as good as new. We also replace broken panels and screens on one- and two-panel sliding doors.

Hinged & Retractable Screen Doors

A good screen door lets in the breeze without letting in the insects or other unwanted intruders. When it’s time to consider upgrades throughout your property, why not start with your home’s entryways? Our door specialists install, repair, and replace screen doors. By adding screening to your most-used entrances and exits, you can reduce the likelihood of pesky insects infiltrating your interior.

Get quality screen doors that are meant to last: we’re with you every step of the way. Our company is an authorized retailer and installer of doors from well-known brands. We sell and install Suntech Doors aluminum hinged screen doors for quality protection. We also offer Larson Doors storm doors that have glass over the screen, which can be either raised or lowered, depending on the weather. Finally, we have Dreamscreen retractable screen doors, which roll into a canister when not in use. 

Count on Us to Be There after a Hurricane

Florida is no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes. They may blow over and do some damage, but you can always rest easy knowing that we’re here to help after the storm passes. If your doors have been damaged by a hurricane, then give us a call. We can plan and implement solutions that make your installations new and whole again. 

We understand how stressful hurricanes can be. To that end, you can count on our team to make your property stronger and better prepared to face the storms. As part of our hurricane damage response services, we can help you find doors and windows that are specially rated to withstand tropical cyclones and hurricane-force winds. Our door specialists keep track of the current building and safety codes, so you can have confidence knowing that the recommendations we make are the ones your property will need.

Contact us [link to Contact] to request an estimate for our door replacement services. We proudly serve property owners throughout North Port, FL, including Osprey, Nokomis, North Port, Englewood, and the surrounding area.